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Hi! I’m Rowan, the eyes behind Word on the Sheet. Reading has always been an enjoyable part of my life. I lie in bed at night with a good book debating if I should read just one more chapter before I go to sleep. On many Sundays, you can find me loafing in a chair with a book and a cup of tea in hand. I am particularly fond of a good suspense thriller or an inspiring memoir. In my spare time, when I am not reading, you can find me out walking with my dog, watching questionable television choices, shamelessly searching celebrity gossip websites, partaking in step classes, doing yoga, drinking tea and wine, soaking up the sun on a beach (with nothing lower than SPF 60, of course!), and spending time with my amazing circle of friends who are like family to me.

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My professional life began after graduating from the University of Toronto with a bachelor of arts.  I always seemed to be surrounded by people who knew exactly what they “wanted to be” in life. I was never that person. I never had the epiphany that some people have where they know exactly what they want to do with their life and career, so I just went through the motions to pay those pesky bills that arrive every month. I worked as an administrative assistant for over fifteen years and enhanced the skills that I have always enjoyed using, including attention to detail, enthusiasm for research, organizational aptitude, ability to work independently, and a willingness to learn. It took me a long time to accept that I wanted something else and pluck up the courage to make a change.

​I began reading a professional development book geared towards helping you choose the right job for yourself. I started to do a lot of research and made lists of likes and dislikes, environments that I liked to work in, hated to work in, and transferable skills. In what became a serendipitous period of time, I learned a former boss of mine left her job to follow her passion, I read an enlightening memoir about being your true self, and I had a chance meeting with a life coach in a hotel lobby bar. These moments gave me the kick in the ass to push myself to conquer the fear and self-doubt and to branch out and do something new that I would enjoy.

During my research, I came across a professional proofreading training course that caught my attention. My first reaction was OH MY GOD! I can read and nitpick grammar for a living! How is this even possible? I dove right in from there. I graduated from the course (I loved it!) and proceeded to enroll in further similar courses to learn more. I continue to explore different branches of editorial courses to see all the options an editing career can provide. Working with books and writers (and still my office people!) is a perfect fit. Feeling confident that I can use my love of reading, my proofreading skills, and all my transferable skills to assist in the editing steps to bring a writer’s work to life, I decided to start my own copyediting and proofreading business, and Word on the Sheet was born!

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