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Book Proposal: Non-fiction, Health & Wellness

"Rowan's copy editing was impeccable and very helpful during my book proposal process. She was timely, offered relevant suggestions, and provided guidance which helped shape my proposal. She was very responsive as well. I will be using her services again when I need them! I highly recommend her!"

-Heather Hanson, Author, Dream Catalyst

Embrace the Space Between, LLC

Empowering Women through Creativity

Break Free Program - Liberate your Self

SoulCollage® Facilitator

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Book Proposal: Non-fiction, Health & Wellness

"Rowan is so helpful. She is such a brilliant editor! She pointed out things in my book proposal that needed editing that I would never have thought of. Editing is definitely Rowan's calling, and I recommend her to anyone writing ANYTHING!"


-Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, Host of Love Talk Live on LA Talk Radio, "The #1 Relationship Coach Transforming Lives," - Yahoo Finance,

Author of MAN*ifesting

Open Book
Novel: Fiction, Women's Fiction

"I got in touch with Rowan for her copyediting services on my novel. She responded in a timely manner and was clear on her availability, when she could fit me in and gave me an approximation of a timeline, what her services would include, as well as costs involved, including deposit and payment schedule. I loved the transparency of the costs involved, schedule of payments, confirmation of start date as well as completion date. Everything was so clear. She completed the project within the specified dates and her attention to detail was truly amazing. The manuscript that came back to me was polished, and professional.


At the completion of the project Rowan supplied me with a style sheet in the event the manuscript was altered further and had to be edited in line with her work. Not only did Rowan provide me with an exceptional service, and great value for money, she taught me about the copyediting process, and I came out more educated as a result.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to Rowan who is need of copyediting services. Her work ethic and attention to detail is incredible. I can’t wait to work with her on my next project."


-Valerie Laycock, Author, Owner/Teacher at Wildflower Wellbeing

Workbook: Self-Help Guide Manual

"Working with Rowan was an absolute joy! Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence took my project to the next level. Not only did she catch every little mistake, but her insightful suggestions helped enhance the clarity and impact of my project. Quick, professional, and a true partner in the creative process—I can’t recommend Rowan enough to anyone seeking top-notch copyediting services."

-Jasmine Jauer, Hairpreneur Coach, Owner & Founder of Jazzy Cutz

Adult Students
Novel: Fiction, Women's Fiction

"Rowan has been an invaluable editor for my novel, providing her expertise for the second time. Her thoroughness is simply remarkable, as she diligently catches timeline errors that I would have otherwise missed. Even with the changes I made to the novel, shifting around dates and scenes, Rowan expertly guided me through the process, identifying and addressing all the parts that needed updating. She even went the extra mile by creating a comprehensive style sheet that has proven to be indispensable for organizing the characters' personality traits, timelines, and chapter summaries. Working with Rowan has been a breeze, and her work is truly excellent. I highly recommend her for any editing projects you may have!"


-Richelle Gist, Author of The Lucid Nymph

Open Book
Novel: Non-fiction, Memoir

"Excellent Work! I was amazed at how many corrections Rowan made to my manuscript. I had many mistakes that I would never notice. There were several punctuation habits I had that must be out-dated. When I wasn't sure I just followed her choices, because I'm sure she knew better. She went beyond what I expected, uncovering confusions and inconsistencies. I would be exhausted after ten pages. I thank her for her hard work!"


- Jim Morris, Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, Author of Thoughts of a Reformed Computer Scientist

Workbooks: Self-Help Guide Manuals

"As a small business owner, I felt completely overwhelmed with the lack of process and coordination in my business, and my inability to copy edit. I was making mistakes that were costing me time, money, and reputational damage.

It wasn't easy to decide to invest in business supports and even tougher to trust someone with my intellectual property, yet working with Rowan has been the best business decision I've made to date.

Rowan's competencies in copy editing, process improvement, project management, communication, and organization have elevated the professionalism and credibility of every piece of my programs, services, and products.

It's rare to work with someone who is so thoughtful, diligent and talented. She puts the same level of love and drive into your business as she does her own.


Her skills and spirit are unmatched!"


-Maria Brigantino, Owner & Founder of

M-PATH Health Coaching

Early Childhood Education Curriculum

“I was so happy to entrust my project with Rowan. She is thoughtful, thorough, and talented when it comes to objectivity, consistency, grammar (of course!), fact-checking, and really putting the polish on a piece of work before it goes to print or e-print. As a developmental editor myself, I know how very important the last pass is on a book or project, or in my case early education curriculum! Rowan will catch what you never dreamed you’d miss, tell you that you can’t get away with what you may have been trying to, because there is nuance in style but there are just plain facts. I have mutually worked with Rowan on book editing projects, but I was delighted to be on the receiving end of Rowan’s work. Not to mention, I asked her to edit something a little bit different than our typical work and she helped us both by coming up with a custom style guide!


She is a copy editor that makes investing in copy editing worth every dollar.” 


-Janna Hockenjos | Founder & Director

Earth Friends

a new approach to environmental literacy in early childhood education

Check out my client's published book! 

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For twenty years, Hazel has kept her secrets buried. But when an unexpected encounter brings her face-to-face with a man from her past, she is forced to confront the events of her youth that have shaped her life. As Hazel grapples with her guilt and grief, she must overcome the haunting memories of forbidden love and find the strength to free herself from the shackles of the past.
The Lucid Nymph is an exploration of self-discovery and resilience of the human spirit to overcome even the greatest of obstacles.
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