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What were we thinking as we created the computer revolution? Was it good for humanity?

Thoughts of a Reformed Computer Scientist is a search for intelligence across multiple facets of the human condition—religion and science, evolution, and innovation.

Jim Morris’s memoir covers his sixty-year career in computer science and weaves the reader through the complex land of computer technology and the nuanced world of human behavior. From his days as a student, a professor, and an innovator at Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Berkeley, and Xerox PARC to recent AI advances Morris describes his work and his enthusiasms along with several Turing Award winners and tech entrepreneurs and ultimately asks us to ponder what they were thinking as they created the computer revolution.

"Excellent work. I was amazed at how many corrections Rowan made to my manuscript. I had many mistakes that I would never notice. There were several punctuation habits I had that must be out-dated.  When I wasn't sure I just followed her choices, because I'm sure she knows better. She went beyond what I expected for proofreading, uncovering confusions and inconsistencies. I can tell why it takes a while. I would be exhausted after ten pages. Thanks for your hard work!" - James H. Morris

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Maria Brigantino is a certified change coach and the founder of M-PATH. She has made it her mission in life to help women who are struggling in their relationship with food, to help them break up with the habits that rule their life, stop the constant battle going on in their head, find inner peace, and take their life back. Her programs and online courses as well as her self-designed workbooks and guides are helping women all over the world to gain their own Food FREEDOM.

"As a small business owner, I felt completely overwhelmed with the lack of process and coordination in my business, and my inability to copy edit. I was making mistakes that were costing me time, money, and reputational damage. It wasn't easy to decide to invest in business supports and even tougher to trust someone with my intellectual property, yet working with Rowan has been the best business decision I've made to date.


Rowan's competencies in copy editing, process improvement, project management, communication, and organization have elevated the professionalism and credibility of every piece of my programs, services, products, and customer service. It's rare to work with someone who is so thoughtful, diligent and talented. She puts the same level of love and drive into your business as she does her own. Her skills and spirit are unmatched!" 

Maria Brigantino, Founder, M-PATH Health Coaching


"Rowan was a delight to work with! We connected on a personal level right away, and I found her charming and engaging. Her eagle eye caught oversights that never would have occurred to me, including the rules of capitalizing foods and wine. Rowan is sharp and precise, and I definitely will be hiring her for my next project!" - Richelle

Website Content

I needed an extra set of eyes to proofread articles for my website and was fortunate enough to find Rowan. She reviewed my content and provided helpful corrections and feedback that made my content more professional. I was pleased with her work process and the final result. I’m grateful for her assistance!"

- Holly, Small Business Owner

Website Content

"Rowan was a lifesaver for my website! She caught things that I had looked over and scrutinized probably a hundred times, as well as made my way of wording and phrasing certain things much clearer. As a proofreader myself, I know the value of having another set of eyes review your own writing, and I am very grateful to her for making my writing more professional! I would not only recommend her to anyone in search of a wonderful proofreader and editor, but would also happily utilize her services again myself!" - Ashley

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