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Assortment of Books


The resources below are designed to guide you to find the best editor for your book. 

Grammer Editing


Free Service

A sample edit is a free service I provide to all my potential clients designed to allow an author to see my technical competency, the changes I will make to the manuscript, the style of my comments and queries, and the manner I work with your voice. The sample edit is a full copyedit of a section of 1500 words of your manuscript.

The sample edit assesses the work to determine if it is ready for copyediting services. It also allows me to estimate how many hours the project will take to complete and then see if there is a slot in my schedule that will suit the author’s timeline. Lastly, it is important to note that I will not take on content that I find disturbing and that makes me uncomfortable. We are all human, and sometimes there are things that we don’t want to read about that will keep us up at night!

The main goal of the sample edit is to determine if we are a good fit to work together to make the manuscript the best it can be!


Development Editors & Line Editors

There are varying definitions for copyediting. It is sometimes described as including structural (development) and stylistic (line) editing, so it is essential to distinguish between these services and identify what an editor offers. I separate my services from development and line editing, which cover the initial editing passes that review your book's big-picture elements and organizational structure and the content's use of language and readability.

A Development Editor can help you with your book's big-picture components, including structure, form, plot, and character. They will assist in revising, reshaping, and assessing your manuscript keeping in mind your target audience.

A Line Editor can help you with your book's use of language, including addressing issues like the flow of dialogue, tonal inconsistencies, run-on sentences, and other areas that may affect the reading experience. They will assist in improving the language at sentence and paragraph levels.

I strongly recommend these first steps in the editing process before reaching out for copyediting services.

Who can help? See below!

Janna Hockenjos: Janna is excellent! She offers Development & Line Editing Services, Manuscript Evaluations, and has created some helpful resources for book proposals. She is also a yoga teacher and is extremely passionate about the small changes individuals can make to better the environment and the planet we all share. Check out her website, and tell her I say hello!

Writing with Pen


Style Guide Tips & Tricks

This FREE guide aims to provide a helpful checklist with format guidelines to meet publishing standards. Sign up for this great tip sheet and learn more about the value of copyediting services. The credibility of a novel or online copy decreases when obvious errors are present. If you think grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors are minor issues, I hope signing up for this bonus will convince you why copyediting is a key piece of the writing process.


And you can also learn more about me! 


Check out the videos below for some fun tips! 

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